Reasons for attaching a floor protective film

- Apr 10, 2019-

Floor protection film is a kind of protective material used in the decoration industry. It can play the role of floor protection, wall protection, stairs, handrails and elevator image protection. Finished products for finished product protection during interior decoration and interior decoration of hotel villas

1. Protection of the entrance door: the entry of various decoration materials and the cleaning of various construction and decoration garbage will pass through the entrance door. During the handling process, the chances of bumping and friction with the entrance door are greatly increased. Therefore, the first place that needs to be protected by finished products is their entry door. Suggestion: Before the renovation starts, it is necessary to protect the entrance door until the furniture enters the venue! For this, the finished protective film can be used to wrap the door.

2, tile, floor paving protection film protection method: tile, floor paving, also belongs to the basic decoration part, often found that the tile construction and after construction have not done finished product protection, the specific performance is: tile The side seams are seamed, the tiles are stacked on the floor tiles, the floor tiles are stacked on the floor, the tiles are just walked on the floor, the floor tiles are not covered with the finished protective film, etc., which will affect the paving effect of the tiles, resulting in The quality of the construction of the