Reasons for PET protective film degumming

- Mar 19, 2020-

PET protective film will have the problem of degumming. This problem is most reflected in the profile protection film. When the user tears the protective film off the profile surface after the construction of the profile device is completed, the adhesive that the protective film reflects does not follow the protective film It is left on the profile products. This is the most reluctant user to see, because this is very troublesome. It requires a special person to sever these glues from the profile. It takes a lot of labor and time. There are many possibilities for this problem. The biggest possibility is that the pressure adhesive used in the protective film products does not meet the regulations, that is, it is too sticky, which causes the external tension of the PE protective film product to be peeled off when it is peeled off, and it remains on the profile. Assuming that users have this problem, they can dip a small amount of alcohol with a clean rag, and repeat the rubbing test on the remaining sensitive adhesive until the sensitive adhesive is wiped clean, but it is important not to be too careful when performing the rubbing test. Apply force, otherwise it may affect the finish of the profile product.