Reasons for the degumming of the protective film

- Oct 31, 2020-

Protective film has now become a common material in daily life. From cars as small as mobile phones, there is a thin film attached to it. It protects the surface of objects and prevents objects from being transported and stored. The surface is scratched and corroded during the process, which guarantees the original smoothness of the object to a certain extent.

However, some protective films will have problems such as residual glue and degumming during use, which may be caused by the following reasons:

The surface of the item to be filmed has not been cleaned. We require that the surface of the object before the film is free of chemical residues such as grease. If these chemical residues are not cleaned up, they will easily react with the glue and cause degumming. In addition, improper glue ratio or poor quality can easily cause problems with residual glue and degumming of the protective film.

The degumming and residual glue of the protective film have always been a problem that plagues everyone, so how can we solve it? As a company specializing in the production of protective films for many years, Wuxi Boli is here to give you some advice:

The residual glue of the protective film has a great relationship with the peeling force of the protective film. Generally speaking, the adhesion is proportional to the peeling strength of the protective film. The stronger the viscosity, the worse the peeling strength; in addition, the quality of the adhesive The worse, the worse the peel strength. We usually increase the adhesion additives when applying the film, or replace the glue to reduce the residual glue.

The degumming is mostly because the pressure glue used in the protective film product is too sticky, which easily causes degumming when the product is peeled off. Our users can wipe with alcohol and wipe off the pressure glue.

In short, in our daily operations, we should not think that the protective film is just a thin piece of plastic. Each product has its own different film requirements, so we must not be careless when applying the film!