Reasons for the rainbow pattern of PE protective film

- Sep 09, 2020-

Regarding the rainbow pattern, first of all, we actually need to pay attention that it mainly appears on the hardened PE protective film. In a simple summary, it is actually the PE protective film hardening process that cannot be avoided. In this respect, the resulting reaction actually depends on how well we control it.

Regarding the control of the rainbow pattern of the PE protective film hardened film, as far as the rainbow pattern of the hardened film is concerned, to a large extent, it is actually the characteristics of the PET base film itself and the important factors of its coating process. In this regard , Which is to make the hardened film finished product appear different degrees of rainbow phenomenon under a specific light source.

For the analysis of the rainbow pattern phenomenon that appears on the PE protective film, we actually need to pay attention to the original base film itself, the degree of the rainbow pattern it shows, in fact, it will directly affect A quality of the hardened film product itself. It is precisely because of this that we should actually be very careful when dealing with it.

In terms of the characteristics of the hardened coating liquid of the PE protective film, it is actually one of the more important influencing factors. Regarding the different refraction between the coating and the original base film, to a large extent, it actually directly affects the degree of the rainbow pattern. In this regard, we actually need to pay attention to it. The control of the thickness of the layer and its uniformity is also very important.

Finally, we actually want to remind everyone that the fundamental reason for the rainbow pattern phenomenon when the PE protective film is hardened is actually because of the material characteristics of the PE protective film itself, and then, in fact, it is because of different substances. The refractive index shown by the layers is different. In view of this, it is actually impossible for us to completely avoid rainbows on the hardened film, but it can be strictly controlled.