Reasons for white spots on PE protective film

- Apr 04, 2020-

1: With regard to the white spots on the PE protective film, we must know that the particle size detection index should be increased in different batches of ink, and strict control should be implemented on the basis of it. It should be particularly pointed out here that the particle size of its full-bottom ink variety, and that the particle size distribution is outside the standard range, we must not use it; furthermore, it is very necessary to choose an excellent and stable supplier of.

2: For the white spots on the PE protective film, we need to use its special adhesive. Here, we need to pay attention that the surface tension of the composite special adhesive is very low. Furthermore, our coating and spreading effect on the surface of the glue layer is much higher than that of the general-purpose adhesive.

This also means that if we use glue glue, it will be easy to control the leveling of the glue liquid, so that a more ideal coating state can be achieved. In this way, from the adhesive coating state, we can avoid white spots on the PE protective film by using electronic glue.

3: There is one more point about the white spots on the PE protective film, that is, there is a certain matching relationship between the viscosity of the glue and the number of wire rollers. In layman's terms, even if the matching range is too large, the coating state of the glue will be destroyed. In this case, the phenomenon of white spots of the PE protective film will appear.