Selection method of choosing high-quality Bopp tape (一)

- Apr 18, 2020-

1. Measuring the length and width of the whole roll of sealing tape

The length of the tape is difficult to measure, so many tapes on the market have false reports. Even the same thickness of tape, the length of the paper tube will vary due to factors such as the thickness, size, and tightness of the winding. To the durability of the tape.

2. Look at the color of the sealing glue

Taking transparent sealing glue as an example, the whiter the color of the appearance, the purer the texture, the less impurities, the better the adhesion. The yellow tape is to see if there are uneven white spots on the surface of the tape. What is not removed by hand is the traces of impurities or dry glue. Such tapes generally have an odor.

3. Measuring the tightness of the sealing rubber

Conventional products on the market are generally thicker, because their loose windings create a thicker and more cost-effective illusion. In this case, using a ruler to measure the thickness is inaccurate and unscientific. Tianyuan sealing rubber is very tightly wound, reducing the possibility of overflowing glue and saving space. It is still long enough to be trusted!