Selection method of choosing high-quality Bopp tape (二)

- Apr 19, 2020-

1. Measure the strength of sealant

Generally, the inferior sealing rubber tape has poor strength and is easily broken. The tensile rate of Tianyuan sealing rubber is 154%, which is an excellent level; the tensile strength is 35.2mpa, which is 17% higher than the qualified standard.

2. Measuring the viscosity of sealing tape

Normal manual test is enough. Pull a roll of tape on the carton and tear it off to see if the carton paper is peeled off together. If it is torn off together, it proves that the adhesive force of the tape can be. Be careful not to test the viscosity of the tape with the palm of your hand. Test on carton.

3. Measuring the thickness of the sealing tape

Generally, the thickness of the tape on the market varies from 40u-60u (the thickness of the glue teaches BOPP film), of course, it is very different. The 60u tape is very thick, but under the same thickness, the length is shorter, and the 40u tape is long, but it is very thin and easy to break. The tape produced by Jinghua Tape Factory is a 52u film, and the length and toughness can reach the best state.