Selection requirements and materials available

- Mar 23, 2019-

Hard floor protective film, which is a kind of film that is laid on the hard floor surface and protects the hard floor, and from the current point of view, this is a kind of protective material commonly used in hard floors, because it can have good effect. . The familiarity and understanding of this kind of protective film can not only achieve the above purpose, but also realize the full utilization of the hard floor protective film.


1. Do you want to pay attention to the purchase of hard floor protective film?

The purchase of hard floor protective film products is a important task from a professional point of view. It needs to be taken seriously and carried out. If it is scornful and sloppy, it is easy to make wrong choices, resulting in product waste and economic losses to users. In consideration, it is required to comprehensively and comprehensively consider all relevant factors in order to have the correct choice, and then, to choose the right product.


2. Is the choice of hard floor protective film manufacturer important?

The choice of hard floor protective film manufacturers, this is also an important job, can not be underestimated and sloppy, so as to avoid the wrong choice to affect the correct purchase of the product. In terms of selection requirements, it is necessary to select professional and regular manufacturers, so as to ensure product quality and product performance, and in turn, to ensure good product use.


3. Can the hard floor protective film be a PVC protective film? Is there any other material?

A hard floor protective film, which may be a PVC protective film, because the use of such a protective film prevents the entry of liquids and dust and does not scratch the hard floor. In addition, if the weight falls on the floor, it can also play a certain buffering role to avoid damage or damage to the floor.


A hard floor protective film, in addition to a protective film of a PVC protective film, other materials may be used, which are specifically:

Material 1: Woven cloth plus cotton or pearl cotton, in addition to protection, can also play the role of warmth and antifreeze.

Material 2: Coated non-woven fabric plus pearl cotton, and the use of pearl cotton on the wooden floor can also play the role of moisture-proof.


4. Can the hard floor be a wooden floor? How to choose the protective film?

Hard floors, which can be wooden floors, and hardwoods and cork are a common name for intuition. Hardwood refers to a wood with a fine structure, such as mahogany, ash, birch, walnut, eucalyptus, sea bream. Wood, eucalyptus, etc., the floor made of these woods is hardwood flooring. For the protective film, a hard floor protective film can be used, and the specific material should be determined according to the use environment and the use