Self-adhesive application

- Apr 26, 2019-

Ming self-adhesive is widely used in stainless steel plates, aluminum plates, plastic profiles, acrylic plates, light guide plates, home appliances panels, glass, plexiglass, color steel plates, marble, pet composite products and so on.

Some general considerations associated with self-adhesive applications include:

(1) Self-adhesive membranes are usually packaged and stored in cardboard boxes or protected with opaque packaging. Unprotected self-adhesive products should not be stored in direct sunlight as exposure to ultraviolet light (UV) may affect adhesion, especially on the outer ring of the roll. Extreme storage times and conditions can alter the viscosity of the SA asphalt mixture. If the SA asphalt is not sticky, please consult the film manufacturer.

(2) The roof must have sufficient slope and drainage system.

(3) When used on decks with loft space, ensure that the installation of self-adhesive membranes does not interfere with or interfere with the ventilation of existing buildings. Usually these materials form a vapor retarder. If applied in a warm attic space, adequate and thorough ventilation is necessary to prevent