Six advantages of glass film modification

- Sep 07, 2019-

In the energy-saving renovation of building doors and windows and glass curtain walls, there are six advantages of the glass film:

1. More economical. The tempered transparent glass or the colored glass-coated heat-reflecting film can save 50% of the total cost compared with the replacement of the heat-reflecting glass, and the rest can be analogized. For example, the original ordinary insulating glass is attached to the heat-reflecting film or the low-radiation film and then upgraded to Hollow heat reflective coated glass or hollow low radiation coated glass.

2, faster. The existing glass film is shorter than the old glass and replaced with new glass, and the operation is simple.

3. More environmentally friendly. Changing the glass will result in a large amount of broken glass construction waste, which will increase transportation and landfill costs, while the film can utilize existing glass to enhance its insulation and safety performance. It can also prevent indoor carpets, curtains, fabrics and paints from fading, effectively protecting indoor furniture, computer and other office equipment and prolonging their service life.

4. More secure. The general thermal insulation film also has certain safety enhancement functions, and has the chip adhesion property of the clip (glue) layer glass, and its safety is superior to that of tempered glass, and the safety of the professional safety film is stronger.

5. More healthy. The mounting adhesive in the glass film contains a UV (ultraviolet) absorber that blocks 98%-99% of UV light.

6, more light. If it is replaced with insulating glass or hollow LOW-E glass, the total weight of the two glass plus hollow parts will be doubled or more, which will greatly increase the building load.