The application range of the protective film for sandwich panel

- Jul 09, 2019-

Stainless steel sheet: mirror steel plate, frosted steel plate, color steel plate, etc.

Aluminum: aluminum plate, rough aluminum plate, aluminum profile, frosted aluminum profile, sprayed aluminum profile, electrophoretic aluminum profile, sprayed matte aluminum profile, sprayed coarse sand profile, etc.

Building materials: fine sanding board, coarse sanding board, aluminum-plastic board, ceiling, frosted ceiling, artificial marble, steel profile, tile, marble, glass plate, curtain wall, color drawing board, polyester furniture board, painting decoration board , rough grain polyester furniture board, etc.

Electronic and electrical materials: electronic screen, instrument surface, automobile instrument, casing, etc., air conditioning surface and various household appliances surface protection, titanium metal plate, etc.

Plastic sheet: plexiglass sheet, PVC light panel, ABS light panel, plastic board, etc.

Others: dust-free workshop dust-removing protection film, dust-removing roller and other purification materials, carpets,