The control method of PE protective film viscosity

- Sep 17, 2020-

In the industry, Xiangyu mostly uses acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive to produce PE protective film, which can make the PE protective film obtain good adhesion.

The viscosity of the PE protective film is not only related to the type of rubber material, but also depends on the raw rubber ratio and the amount of glue; if the pressure-sensitive adhesive protective film has a high stickiness during the application process, except for the protective film itself In addition to high, it is directly related to the paste, storage pressure and temperature.

There are also requirements for the viscosity of the PE protective film, which should not be too high, otherwise it will feel difficult to tear off the protective film during use. Since the viscosity of the PE protective film is currently mainly determined by the thickness of the adhesive, after many tests, the appropriate data for the thickness of the protective film is finally found. Combined with the thickness of the protective film, the product is flat and highly scratch-resistant , High-definition purpose

Since the pressure-sensitive adhesive is only sensitive to pressure, it is necessary to properly adjust the storage pressure of the PE protective film after it is pasted or pasted; if the protective film itself is highly viscous, you can consider using it after the weather turns cool, and you must know if it is used below 20 degrees , You can obviously feel the relative decrease in viscosity. On the contrary, when the weather turns hot, our regular viscosity should be adjusted appropriately!

If the viscosity of the PE protective film is appropriate, it can be torn off smoothly under the premise of ensuring normal use, and there will be no glue residue, which will help improve the appearance of the product. The service life of the protective film can also be extended, and the protective effect can be better.

It can be seen that the viscosity of the PE protective film must be controlled. Although there are many related factors, most of them are not easy to change. In this case, it is necessary to adjust the type and thickness of the rubber to achieve a suitable viscosity.