The decisive factors of the adhesion of PE protective film

- Sep 18, 2020-

Nowadays, there are more and more protective film products on the market. The consequence is that the market competitiveness becomes greater. There are many types of protective films in China, such as PE protective film, PET protective film, PVC protective film, PP protective film, etc. However, PP protective film is the earliest material used in our country. With the development of science and technology, it has been replaced. In the protective film market, the replacement of protective film is also very fast. Therefore, the protective film is generally determined according to the product. Today, the editor here mainly introduces the determinants of the adhesion of PE protective film.

In the protective film industry, the viscosity of the protective film is determined by the ratio of the raw material glue and the amount of glue. In order to make the PE protective film sticky, we generally use pressure-sensitive adhesive; in the process of applying pressure-sensitive adhesive, in addition to the stickiness of the protective film itself, it is directly related to temperature, coating and storage. contact.

The viscosity of the current PE protective film is mainly determined by whether the silicone is thick or not. This problem occurs when the PE protective film is used on the screen of a mobile phone. Because of the high thickness, the viscosity is relatively increased, but in summer, Due to the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, the protective film on the screen will sweat. This is also known as overflow in our industry. So it is good to keep the viscosity just right. Don't covet the high viscosity, otherwise you will wait when you want to replace it. It's hard to get away. If you must use a high-viscosity protective film, then consider using it when the weather is cool.