The difference between high-viscosity protective film and low-viscosity protective film

- Mar 01, 2019-

The viscosity unit of the protective film is g/25mm, which means the pulling force required to pull apart the 25mm wide spline. The protective film can be divided into micro-adhesive protective film, low-viscosity protective film and medium-viscosity protection according to the strength of the adhesive. Membrane, high viscosity protective film, ultra high viscosity protective film.

Ultra low viscosity (ie micro low viscosity)

3-20g is easy to use and easy to tear, no residue,

Suitable for organic sheet, instrumentation, display, glass lens, plastic lens, etc.

Low viscosity

30g stable viscosity, good adhesion, good peeling performance, no residual glue,

Applicable to steel mirror plate, titanium metal, glossy plastic plate, silk screen, Ming brand.

Medium and low viscosity

40g has stable adhesive force, good adhesion, good peeling performance, no residual glue phenomenon.

Suitable for furniture Polaroid, stainless steel, tile, marble, artificial stone, etc.

Medium high viscosity

50-60g Stable adhesion, good adhesion, good peeling performance, no residue.

Suitable for fine grain matte and general hard-to-stick material surface protection.