The difference between PE protective film and PET protective film

- Apr 07, 2020-

1. From the perspective of raw materials, PE maintenance film is relatively soft, and PET film is relatively healthy. It is a maintenance film of two different raw materials.

2. From the perspective of stretch rate, PE film has excellent extensibility, and the stretch rate ranges from 150-300%, which can achieve different effects for different uses. PET film has no extensibility, is not easily deformed, and has good hardness.

3. From the point of view of use, PE maintenance film is suitable for aluminum-plastic plate, name plate, metal surface, plastic plate surface, construction and decoration materials, polyester furniture, stone, stainless steel, automotive interior, aluminum alloy, organic glass, electronics, Surface maintenance of household appliances, IT and other occupations; PET maintenance film is suitable for TV screens, laptop screens, PDA handheld computer screens, LCD screens, PSP game console LCD screens, electronic dictionary LCD screens, mobile phones, digital cameras, camera screens , Car DVD display, GPS LCD maintenance, etc.