The difference between PE protective film and PET protective film

- Sep 14, 2020-

There are many classifications of PE protective film and PET protective film, and there are many of this classification that everyone can’t know, because these classifications are really understood by professionals, and for ordinary people. I don’t know very well, so I’m here to discuss with you, the classification of protective film and why should it be classified?

Let’s talk about PE protective film first. PE protective film can be said to be a better protective film in the current film. Because PE protective film is also divided into several categories, I hope everyone will learn more about these and see how to return. Yes.

PE protective film is a better material in the protective film, whether it is in workmanship or material, it is very good, so there are many people who know what is going on in this situation.

PET protective film can be said to be an upgraded version of PE protective film, so its protective film is much better for other protective films. For this situation, many people don’t know what’s going on. It’s like this. Zhang Fa, for this situation, many people know that PET protective film is also a very good protective film.