The difference between self-adhesive film and plastic wrap

- Apr 22, 2020-

Self-adhesive films are generally used in industry, such as our stainless steel doors, garage doors, etc. There must be a layer of such self-adhesive films on the surface. The film has adhesive on one side or both sides to ensure a good adhesion. Of course, the marble used in some buildings is also packaged with self-adhesive film to protect it. Although the self-adhesive film seems to be very practical, from the perspective of food safety, it does not reach the level of food safety, and of course it cannot be used in food packaging at will.

Although the cling film looks very thin, in fact, the quality requirements are also very high. We must purchase the cling film through formal channels to ensure safety. After all, it is necessary to pack some of our food. We must also measure and confirm it to ensure that the purchase of high-quality products can avoid food contamination. The toughness and elongation of this type of plastic wrap are not particularly good, and it is impossible to replace the application of self-adhesive films in industry, so this is not interchangeable, and everyone should use it with caution.