The effect of drying process of PE protective film adhesive on quality

- Aug 31, 2020-

The use of PE protective film is very wide, not only applied to mobile phones but also other uses, but our understanding of this product is not very comprehensive, for example, the drying process of PE protective film adhesive, it will affect the PE protective film What impact does quality have?

The drying process of the PE protective film adhesive refers to the process of volatilizing the solvent or water in the adhesive layer coated on the substrate to solidify the adhesive. Since it always takes a certain time for the solvent or water to volatilize, the drying is a relatively slow step in the production process of the protective film. The drying speed not only determines the production speed but also greatly affects the quality of the product.

Once the adhesive of the PE protective film is coated, the solvent will quickly evaporate before entering the dryer oven. However, due to the heat absorption of volatilization, the surface temperature of the adhesive layer decreases, so the volatilization rate also decreases. When the protective film enters the oven, the heat absorbed by the solvent volatilization is supplemented by the heat transferred from the outside. When the heat reaches equilibrium, the adhesive layer The surface temperature and the volatilization rate of the solvent can also be kept constant.

The viscosity and other rheological properties of the PE protective film adhesive are also factors that affect the coating process of the protective film. The greater the deviation of the rheological properties of the adhesive from Newtonian fluid, the more likely to have various quality problems in the coating operation, especially when the adhesive is present. In terms of the nature of the swelling body, since its viscosity will increase rapidly with the increase of the coating speed during the coating process, a greater mechanical force must be used to spread the adhesive. Therefore, the faster the coating speed, the more difficult it is to obtain a uniform coating. Floor.

In the actual operation process, increasing the temperature of the oven can certainly increase the diffusion rate of the solvent, but too high temperature tends to cause the adhesive layer to bubble, which will also increase the risk of fire. Therefore, in order to produce high-quality PE protective film products, the quality of the substrate must be made; the quality of the adhesive and the production process can meet the requirements.