The function of Glass Protective Film

- Oct 07, 2020-

Although Glass Protective Film looks unremarkable, it is becoming more and more important in modern life. As a commonly used material, glass is widely used in our lives. In order to further improve the use effect of glass, it is necessary to stick a protective film on its surface. First of all, PE glass film has the effect of heat insulation and energy saving. According to actual tests, when the outdoor temperature reaches 39 degrees Celsius, the indoor temperature with the glass film will be 4-7 degrees lower than the indoor temperature without installation. It can be seen that one of the benefits of using PE glass film is that it can achieve a more ideal heat insulation effect. And in winter, it also blocks indoor heat from radiating outwards, which greatly reduces the cost of air conditioning or heating. Secondly, it has the effect of explosion-proof and seismic resistance. Whether it is natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes or man-made or non-man-made accidents, it will cause the hidden danger of personal injury due to broken glass. More importantly, the use of PE glass film can reduce natural disasters and man-made damage to a certain extent, build a hidden protective net for the glass, reduce accidental personal injury, and protect property safety. If a stronger glass film is installed, it can directly replace the home anti-theft iron fence. At the same time, it also has the function of single-view anti-peeping. Putting a glass film on the inside of the door and window glass does not affect the penetration of light, but also makes the scenery outside the window clear and identifiable, and can prevent the prying eyes from seeing the private space in the room. , It is indispensable especially for glass curtain wall buildings and large-area houses using glass. In addition, the use of PE glass film also has a certain degree of decoration, which can better meet the requirements of different users for various styles of room decoration and decoration styles in the modern decoration process. A variety of colors and patterns are different, which can produce subtle and different styles of decorative effects. It has become an ideal choice for decoration of homes, offices, shopping mall counters, restaurants and other spaces, adding artistic beauty to the commercial and residential environments.