The main components of Bopp tape

- Apr 17, 2020-

1. Pressure-sensitive adhesive of adhesive tape

The material of the adhesive is natural rubber, a resin used to increase the viscosity, and an anti-aging agent to maintain adhesion, a solvent that can decompose various solvents, and these ingredients are mixed to make an adhesive. The adhesive is placed in the container for 24 hours to remove air bubbles to make the texture uniform, and filter to remove impurities.

2. OPP film of adhesive tape

BOPP film is a sheet made of high molecular polypropylene and then stretched. Apply pressure-sensitive adhesive on the back of the film to prevent the adhesion of the adhesive. Apply adhesive on the front side if necessary. Focus on the points. The back is to be tested. I know that the transparent tape is glued on one side and there is no glue on the other side, but no glue One side still needs to be coated with stripping agent. The general material is acrylic acid-styrene resin polymer copolymer, silicone, polyethylene wax and so on. After the high-pressure corona treatment of the original BOPP film, a rough surface is formed, and then the glue is coated on it to form the tape master roll first, and then cut into small rolls of different specifications by the slitting machine, which is our daily use. Tape