The necessity of protective film on the surface of aluminum profiles

- Apr 19, 2019-

The protective film is a film-like material with surface protection and is one of the most important products in pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs). The protective film is usually made of a polyolefin plastic film as a substrate and an acrylate polymer as a matrix resin of a pressure sensitive adhesive, which is processed by a coating machine. The true meaning of the protective film is a temporary protective measure taken to prevent surface scratching during the process of storage, transportation, or processing of the substrate. The protective film is widely used for surface protection of aluminum plates, aluminum-plastic composite plates, mirror steel plates, color plates, plexiglass plates, decorative plates, and aluminum profiles, plastic steel profiles, stainless steel coils, marble materials and display screens.

The aluminum protective film is based on a specific formulation of polyethylene (PE) film, and the polyacrylic acid (resin) resin is used as the main material of the pressure sensitive adhesive. It is coated with various specific adhesives, and is cut, It is processed by packaging and other processes. The protective film is soft in nature, good in adhesion, easy to stick and easy to peel off. The pressure sensitive adhesive has good stability and does not have any adverse effect on the surface of the product to be attached.

Scope of application: Mainly used for surface protection of various plastics and wooden boards (sheets), such as: PVC, PET, PC, PMMA two-color board, foam board UV board, glass and other sheet surface in transportation, storage and processing, No damage during