The quality requirements of stainless steel protective film

- Apr 11, 2020-

1. Quantity: The quantity of stainless steel protective film must be strictly reviewed after leaving the factory every time to ensure that the quantity, length, width and thickness are appropriate and used properly.

2. The condition of the stainless steel protective film: like temperature, physical shape or solid content, etc. must be qualified.

3. The preparation status of the stainless steel protective film during on-site operation can provide high-temperature resistance when necessary, or it can be bonded both hot and cold when bonding, ensuring that it can be used under different conditions of use.

4. Lamination speed: It is an important factor to control cost and quality. The speed of use depends on the degree of automation of the process equipment used.

5. Packing step description: strictly follow the operation rules of the selected production line.

6. Prescribe quality control requirements: refer to the quality requirements and control methods of the process of using stainless steel protective film.