The reason why the PE protective film is not cut neatly

- Dec 05, 2019-

The width of a roll of PE protective film is 1.25 meters, which can be cut and slit according to customer needs, then in the slitting process, we will encounter irregular slitting, how should we deal with it?

When we first encounter this situation, we must first analyze what is causing it. Find out the correct cause and apply the medicine, and it will be easy to solve the problem!

Common reason one: Static electricity accumulates on the film, and adhesion or drift occurs between the films. Solution: Connect the static conductive device to the slitting device, and touch one of the antennae to the back of the film roll.

Cause two: The photoelectric tracking is not accurate when cutting. Solution: 1. The photoelectric eye adjustment method and working state are not selected correctly, and should be readjusted according to the requirements of the operating regulations; 2. The color difference of the tracking line is not obvious, and the color difference contrast should be increased.

Reason three: The winding tension is small. Solution: Increase the winding tension, and add an appropriate amount of new magnetic powder to the magnetic powder clutch if necessary.