The role and production of protective film for Window Protection Film

- Oct 13, 2020-

We know that all kinds of modern door and Window Protection Film products have a protective film attached to the surface when they leave the factory. This is mainly to prevent or reduce damage to the door and window profiles during transportation and handling, that is, to protect the door and window profiles. And purpose. Generally, after the processing of the door and window profiles is completed, a protective film will be covered on the surface of the door and window profiles after a later quality inspection stage. That is to say, the protective film of the door and window profile is mainly to protect the profile from damage or scratches during the process of moving, transporting or installing. After installation, it is more appropriate to tear it off in time. Normally, the protective film should be torn off about a week after the completion of the project. However, the season and temperature conditions should be the key considerations. If it is outdoors in summer, the protective film should not be exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, otherwise it will cause the protective film to age and increase the difficulty of tearing the film.

As we all know, door and window profile protective film is an indispensable packaging material in the transportation, production and installation of modern energy-saving doors and windows. Its promotion and application makes the surface of door and window profiles free from scratches and stains, and remains as smooth as ever. The printing protective film also plays a role in promoting the plastic profile in the industry. Especially in recent years, the manufacturing technology of profile protective film has also been continuously developed and improved.