The stainless steel protective film should be torn off within three months

- Sep 18, 2019-

The protective film of stainless steel sheet is difficult to tear off. Many customers should encounter such a situation. Because the protective film is a chemical product, if it is exposed to high temperature and light for a long time, it is prone to deterioration and oxidation. The warranty period should be used as soon as possible, and the warranty period is usually three months.

If it is hot season or outdoor, the time will be shortened, so pay attention to these situations when using the film!

First, you can quickly tear off the film with hot water. It is generally difficult to tear the film because the filming time exceeds the warranty period of the film, which results in degumming, that is, the glue sticks to the board surface.

If the film is torn off, there is glue stuck to the surface of the board.

Second, banana water or industrial alcohol wipe.

Third, you can use the rice water to add high temperature and then clean, the effect is also general.

To sum up, in general, stainless steel does not need to be used for too long. If it must be stored for too long, it must be imported from a stainless steel laser protective film. If it is an ordinary 8K mirror stainless steel plate, it can be used with a low-nickel film.