Understanding of two specific types of glass protective film

- Mar 16, 2019-

Understanding of two specific types of glass protective film


A glass protective film, which is a film for protecting glass, is called a glass protective film, and it is necessary to familiarize and understand such a protective film because it is often used in glass protection. Moreover, the familiarity and understanding of this kind of protective film can also achieve the purpose of correct and reasonable use.


1. Tempered glass protective film in glass protective film

The tempered glass protective film, which is used on mobile phones, is a mobile phone screen protection film with a thickness of only 0.1 mm, which prevents the screen of the mobile phone from being damaged or damaged by external force or impact, and can also prevent the screen of the mobile phone from being scratched. Or scratched. In addition, it increases shock absorption, which is five times higher than the standard of PET film, but does not affect the visual effect of the screen.


This kind of glass protective film can prevent the glass panel of the mobile phone from being broken and scattered due to inadvertent impact, and reducing the hiddenness of the glass panel. At the same time, it can also prevent the glass panel from being accidentally scratched and affecting the appearance of the mobile phone. In use, the product can be simple and convenient, and can not afford bubbles, its screen transmittance is as high as 98%, and has no effect on the use of the screen of the mobile phone.


2. Glass film in glass protective film

In the glass protective film, there is a glass film, referred to as a glass film, which is a kind of film in the home building materials market, and has various colors and energy saving and environmental protection, and is mainly used on indoor and outdoor glass, which can protect well. This role. In addition, this kind of protective film can not only change the image of ordinary glass monotonous transparency, but also add beauty to indoor and outdoor. It can also have the functions of heat insulation, cold resistance and anti-vibration, and improve the safety of glass use.

The glass protective film is composed of a polyester substrate, a scratch-resistant layer, a mounting layer and a protective film. It is generally synthesized by a single layer or a multi-layer PET interlayer, and has a thickness of 0.05 and 0.1. , 0.18, 0.28, 0.36 and other specifications, the unit is mm. In terms of specific types, the main ones are as follows:


High-transparent type: It is made of ceramic raw materials and processed into nano-particles. It has high light transmittance and can absorb solar energy. In addition, this film has a low reflectance and a good heat insulating effect and can be called an IR film.

Heat-reflective type: It is made of metal functional layer by sandwich or magnetron sputtering technology to reflect the heat and light of solar radiation, and has good light-shielding and heat insulation.

Medium-high perspective: It has high light transmission and can block certain solar heat energy. It is widely used in buildings.

Safety type: It is a multi-layer mesh safety substrate that is overlapped and overlapped. It has good impact resistance and sound insulation performance and can block more than 99% of ultraviolet rays.

Comprehensive type: It can achieve double performance, which can not only heat insulation, heat preservation and energy saving, but also achieve safety.www.snpefilm.com