Use of PE protective film

- Jun 08, 2019-

1, see the degree of light penetration

It is difficult to identify with the naked eye. It is best to use optical instruments for measurement. A simpler method is to choose a PE protective film, reduce a small piece of desktop in the middle, and then create a new WORD document on the computer and check it on the computer. Stickers and stickers in the area or a blank document in a different film field in a white degree (professional called brightness). Contrast selects the brightest material and its penetration is the best protective film.

2, see the haze

How does the PE protective film fog look? The method is the same as above. After each protective film is attached, the clearer the color of the computer display, the smaller the smog. The smaller the haze, the better the material.

In a dark room, turn on the fluorescent lamp, peel off the PE protective film and then peel off the film between the hands and the eyes and light between the hands. You look closely at a layer of mist evenly distributed on the PE protective film, which is the culprit, foggy The degree of impact is more severe, indicating that the larger the fog, the worse the material is, and the better; (note that the haze affects the permeability, but it is not the same as the permeability).

3, static electricity

Since the liquid crystal display is afraid of static sensitive equipment, the electrostatic protection film is as small as possible. The test method is to prepare the PE protective film (three or two layers of material), smoke a cigarette, put some soot on the table, or Get some tiny paper scraps on the table, then go to the top layer of the PE protective film tearing protective film (3 layers of material has this step), then tear off the protective film of the silicone layer and tear off the PE protective film layer (silica surface) Immediately use soot or confetti to access the protective film to see if the protective film will adsorb these substances to the protective film of the silica gel layer, and the degree of adsorption is strong. The stronger the static electricity, the worse the material and vice versa.

4, fingerprint

In recent years, as the screen size of many products has increased, and more and more smartphones have added capacitive screens (this type of screen can be touched with a finger instead of sliding with a pen like an old Brescia phone)