Use of protective film for decorative laminates

- Jul 22, 2019-

First, the protection of the entrance door

The entry of various decoration materials and the cleaning of various construction and decoration garbage will pass through the entrance door. During the handling process, the chances of bumping and friction with the entrance door are greatly increased. Therefore, the first one needs to be done. The place where good finished products are protected is our entry door. Suggestion: Before the renovation starts, it is necessary to protect the entrance door until the furniture enters the venue! For this, the finished protective film can be used to wrap the door.

Second, tile, floor protection

--Protective film decoration

The paving of tiles and floors is also part of the basic decoration. It is often found that there is no finished product protection work during and after the construction of the tiles. The specific performances are: the seams on the side of the tiles, the tiles on the freshly laid tiles, and the stacking on the floor. Miscellaneous and freshly tiled tiles are walked on the treads, floor tiles, and the floor is not covered with a finished protective film. These will affect the paving effect of the tiles and cause the construction quality of the tiles.

By using a protective film to protect products such as floors and doors, it is possible to effectively prevent scratching or damage to floor tiles and doors, and reduce the risk of unnecessary damage during the decoration