Uses and applications of Polyethylene Protective Film

- Feb 26, 2021-

In terms of function, the protective film is to put a layer of film outside the physical objects we want to protect. Now there are functional protective films such as AR anti-reflective film, AG matte anti-reflective film, mobile phone mirror film, privacy film, high-definition scratch-resistant film. The products can be divided into: plastic protection, digital product protection, car protection, household protection, food preservation protection, etc. However, with the popularization of mobile phones and other digital products in China, its existence has gradually become a general term for screen protection, and its functions in the field of screen protection are also diverse, earlier than high-definition scratch-resistant. The materials have gone through many years of development from the earlier PP materials to the current popular AR materials, and are slowly being accepted by the majority of mobile phone groups. Simply distinguished by the scope of application, it can be applied to the following areas: metal product surface, coated metal product surface, plastic product surface, automotive product surface, electronic product surface, sign product surface, profile product surface, and other product surfaces.