What are the characteristics of the floor protection film?

- Jun 27, 2019-

In the past, many of the items in our production and life often have various troubles in the transportation process, and even cause great economic losses and accidental injuries, especially for pollution with the environment and pollution that cannot be recycled by itself. Waste is especially serious. The advent of the floor protection film effectively solved this series of problems.

The excellent characteristics of the floor protection film.

1,It is inert to the surface of the protected product. The tensile strength is large, the elastic modulus, and the expansion ratio are high.

2, has good adhesion properties, and easy to tear and easy to expose, the packaged products will not be lifted, curled, peeled off, etc. due to handling, processing process.

3, the peeling force is stable, the change over time is small, after a few days or long time to paste and then peeled off will not leave offset and any traces, and the product shines as new.

4, with superior weather resistance, (please try not to be placed in a place with direct sunlight), under normal circumstances, the use period is more than half a year, stored in the warehouse for more than one year, no change in quality.

5, no pollution, no corrosion, the adhesive is inert, will not chemically react with the protected product.

As the floor protection film is continuously improved and updated in the production process, it will be used in a wider range and will serve a wider range of human services.