What are the properties of the self-adhesive film and comparison with the light film

- May 10, 2019-

Self adhesive film , this is a protective film, because it is a specific type of protective film, and this kind of protective film has many applications. Therefore, it is necessary to have a comprehensive and in-depth understanding before we can know how to use it correctly and properly. Have a good effect. Therefore, based on this, the related knowledge will be elaborated in the future to achieve the above objectives.


1. What are the preparations before purchasing the self adhesive film ?

Before the self-adhesive film is purchased, it is necessary to do some preparatory work, and it is necessary to pay attention to this work and take it seriously, so as not to affect the correct purchase of the product. In the specific work content, in addition to a clear understanding of the product use environment and use requirements, you also need to understand some basic information about the product and the manufacturer, so that you can carry out multi-party comparison and comprehensive consideration, and then, you can choose the right product.


2. What are the performance properties of the self-adhesive film?

Self adhesive film, professionally, it is a highly transparent and offset-free protective film with excellent tensile strength, elongation at break and puncture resistance. In the production process, it is made by a three-layer coextrusion process. Its proper performance is as follows: First, it will not be affected by environmental factors such as temperature and humidity, and will not affect the surface gloss of the product. The second is that after the product is used, there will be no problems such as breakage and scratches on the surface of the product.


3. Understanding of new self adhesive film

A novel self-adhesive film, which is composed of a base layer, a bonding layer and the like, and has a specific structural form: a plurality of horizontal rows and a plurality of longitudinal rows of convex portions are disposed on the inner surface of the base layer, and adjacent A row of concave portions is disposed between the two horizontal rows of convex portions or the two longitudinal rows of convex portions, and a plurality of protrusions are uniformly disposed in each of the rows of convex portions. In addition, filamentary fibers are provided in each of the rows and in each of the longitudinal rows of recesses. The adhesive layer is in contact with the surface of the protected object, and has a high temperature resistant layer on the outer surface of the base layer, so that the self-adhesive layer has a certain high temperature resistance.


4. Does the viscosity of the self-adhesive film change with time? Is there a difference between the light film and the self-adhesive film?

Self-adhesive viscosity, which does not change with time, good quality self-adhesive film, its initial viscosity and final viscosity are always consistent, and will not increase or decrease or even fail over time. The light film, if it refers to the optical protective film and is glued, is different from the self-adhesive film because the self-adhesive film is self-adhesive by electrostatic adsorption without adhesive, and they have different adhesion modes.www.snpefilm.com