What are the types of protective film used for decorative laminates

- Jul 20, 2019-

In the protective film industry, the products are diverse and, depending on the application, we know that there is a product specifically for decoration.

Generally speaking, we classify the protective film into two types, one is the surface protective film for metal products, such as hardware accessories; the other is a protective film for protecting the surface of large metal materials, such as aluminum alloy windows, for example Metal sheets are also on the one hand, and the surface protective film for metal sheets produced is mostly used for surface protection of various sheets, such as polished surfaces of various specifications of metal sheets, steel sheets, matte surfaces, brushed, sprayed, polished, colored surfaces; The surface of a steel plate, such as a color steel plate, a glass plate, a lens, and the like.

The specific varieties of decorative protective film are transparent, milky white, blue, black and white or custom-designated colors. These products have good softness and fast attachment to the surface to be attached; flat and easy to peel after the board is attached; pressure sensitive adhesive Good stability and no residue.www.snpefilm.com