What effect should be achieved when using glass protective film and comparison with hydrogel film

- May 24, 2019-

The glass protective film, as its name suggests, is a protective film used on glass, which is protected by glass, so it is called a glass protective film. Moreover, this is also one of the protective films, and it also needs to have some understanding and understanding so as to be reasonably used in appropriate occasions to avoid misuse.


1. What are the requirements for the purchase of glass protective film?

There are some things to know about the purchase of glass protective film. The specificity is: in attitude, it should be treated with caution and seriousness. It should not be underestimated and sloppy, because it is easy to cause wrong choice and waste product. It will also bring certain economic losses to the purchaser. In terms of considerations, it should be known what important considerations are and which are necessary considerations. All relevant factors should be considered comprehensively and comprehensively so that accurate judgments and correct choices can be made.


2. What effect should the glass protective film use?

The use of the glass protective film, which should be achieved, is specifically: it can achieve the two effects of heat insulation and heat preservation, and can be safe and explosion-proof as well as anti-ultraviolet rays, and can also prevent glare and glare, and can Enhance visual effects. In addition, high temperature and fire resistance should be achieved to create a private space.


3. Does the glass protective film correspond to different materials in different environments?

The glass protective film can be made of different materials, and the suitable material should be selected according to the use environment. However, from a professional point of view, the different materials are not necessarily different materials, and the same material can be applied to several different materials. The environment, so, still depends on the actual situation, the answer is not necessarily on this issue.


4. Comparison of hydrogel film and glass protective film

Comparing the hydrogel film with the glass protective film, it can be concluded that there is a clear difference between the two films, which is specifically:


The difference one: the hydraulic film is a soft film, suitable for curved screens, the edges are firmly adhered and there is no white edge, and the glass protective film can be either a soft film or a hard film, such as tempered glass for protecting the screen of a mobile phone. Protective film.

The difference is two: the material of the hydraulic film is TPU or PET, and has strong ductility and retractability, while the glass protective film is made of other materials, the materials of the two films are different.www.snpefilm.com