What is a protective film for profiles

- Jul 24, 2019-

Product description

The product is made of a polyethylene film with specific formulation as the base material, and the polyacrylic acid (resin) resin is used as the main material of the pressure sensitive adhesive, and is prepared by coating, slitting and packaging with specific additives; protective film The flexibility is good, the "wetting" speed on the surface of the profiled surface is fast; the peeling strength increase rate after the plate is low; the stability of the pressure sensitive adhesive is good, and does not adversely affect the surface to be attached.

Application range:

Mainly used for various aluminum alloy profiles, such as aluminum alloy coating profiles, oxidized pigmented profiles, oxidized and polished profiles; plastic profiles of plastic steel door and window profiles for surface protection, so that it is not damaged during transportation, storage, processing and installation.www.snpefilm.com