What is Bopp tape and its features and benefits

- Mar 14, 2019-

What is Bopp tape and its features and benefits


Bopp tape, which can also be called sealing tape or packing Tape, and is widely used in some industries and fields, so it needs to have a clear and comprehensive understanding and then use it properly and properly, to play the role and function of this kind of tape, and Get the desired effect you want.


1. What is Bopp tape?

Bopp tape, which is a specific type of tape, is a BOPP biaxially oriented polypropylene film as a substrate. After heating, a pressure sensitive adhesive emulsion is uniformly applied thereon to form a rubber layer having a thickness of 8-28 um. So that it can be used in different situations. In addition, the BOPP original film is subjected to high-pressure corona treatment, and the surface of one side can be roughened, and then the glue is applied to the upper surface to form a tape mother roll, which can be obtained after slitting by a slitting machine or the like. The tape used in daily life. The pressure-sensitive adhesive emulsion used therein is mainly composed of butyl ester.


2.Bopp tape product specifications

The product specifications of Bopp tape are generally expressed by "width × length × thickness", where width is the width of the tape, the unit is millimeter or centimeter, and in specific dimensions, there are five, 40, 45, 48 and 60. Size. Length refers to the total length of the tape after it is opened, in meters or yards, and 1 yard is equal to 0.9144 meters. Thickness refers to the total thickness of the original film plus the adhesive layer, in microns, in the range of 45-55 um.


3.Bopp tape features and benefits


The characteristics of Bopp tape, which is specifically:

Instant adhesive force: Can be firmly attached.

Fixing ability: It can be firmly attached even with a small pressure.

Easy to tear: easy to tear off the tape, no tape stretching and dragging.

Flexibility: Ability to adapt to sharp curves.

Smoothness: It is smooth to the touch and does not irritate the hands when pressed by hand.

Anti-solvent: Its backing prevents the penetration of solvents.

Resistance to chipping: No lobes will occur during use.

Anti-retraction: It can stretch and expand along the surface of the curve without retraction and disengagement.


Bopp tape has the advantages of being transparent, thin, and non-toxic, odorless and safe to use. In use, it is very simple and convenient, and has good performance. In addition, there is good tear resistance and a long service life.www.snpefilm.com