What is the application environment and bonding requirements of PE protective film

- Aug 21, 2019-

PE protective film uses glue in the production process, generally there are two kinds of silica gel and acrylic glue, and the choice depends mainly on the bonding requirements. The high transparent PET protective film is a PET protective film with the effect of the silica gel system and the OCA system on the glue. The difference between the two is mainly the curing. The former is heat curing, and the latter is fixed on UV.

The PE protective film performs well in the middle after using for a period of time, but the rising phenomenon occurs at both ends of the product. The main reason is that the protective film and the protective layer are stretched greatly during the bonding process, and there is unnecessary shrinkage in the high temperature environment.

In the production process, the PE protective film should effectively pay attention to the influence of the environmental temperature difference on the use of the product, avoid unnecessary surface tension during the pasting process, and when the user installs and constructs the profile, the protective film needs to be torn off from the surface of the profile.