What is the role of the floor protection film

- Jun 24, 2019-

PE protectione film has been widely used in various industries. At present, relatively high-grade flooring has begun to use floor protection film. What is the role of using a floor protection film?

First of all, it can play a role in anti-scratch. The high-grade flooring is mostly made of solid wood. If it is scraped before it is sold to the customer's hands, it will affect its sales prospects. A floor protection film is attached to ensure the appearance of the floor.


Secondly, it can play a role in moisture protection. If the floor is wet, the floor will be slightly deformed. Therefore, the floor protection film can be used to prevent the floor from being deformed.


Finally, dust protection is essential. After the customer buys the floor, the floor needs to be clean and tidy before the decoration is used. However, with the floor protection film, these problems can be solved. After the decoration is completed, the customer only needs to uncover the floor protection film to expose the clean and fresh floor.www.snpefilm.com