Whether PE protective film manufacturers want to carry out certification and some comparisons

- Jun 09, 2019-

Protective film, which has many materials, if it is made of PE material, then this kind of protective film can be called PE protective film, and this is also a common and common type of protective film, it is necessary to familiarize and understand. I know what it is and how to use it properly and make the most of it.


1. PE protective film wants to choose good quality, is it necessary to consider the product price or the manufacturer of the product?

PE protective film, if you want to choose a good quality product, then you must do one thing is to choose a professional protective film manufacturer, which can guarantee the product quality and product performance, and then ensure the use of the product. . Therefore, you can know that the answer to this question is for the manufacturer of the product, that is, if you want to choose a good quality PE protective film, you must consider the manufacturer of the product, not the price of the product.


2. Which manufacturer of PE protective film must have it?

The manufacturer of PE protective film, which must have the certification, is the certification of quality management system and the certification of product quality, and it is also beneficial to the manufacturer, which can improve itself and its products in the market. Competitiveness. For the purchaser, the manufacturer with these certifications should be selected, so that a good quality PE protective film can be selected.


3. Is there a difference between PE protective film and PET protective film?

The PE protective film and the PET protective film, although only one letter apart, are strictly different in terms of two different protective films because they are made of different materials and have other differences. First, the PE protective film is relatively soft. The PET protective film is relatively hard; the second is that the PE protective film has good elongation, and its elongation is 150% to 300%, and the PET protective film has no elongation, so it is not easily deformed.


4. Is the PE protective film resistant to high temperatures? Is the release film in the PE protective film more used?

From a professional point of view, PE film temperature resistance is not very good, can not be used in high temperature environment, because the use of ambient temperature is too high, there may be curling and other phenomena, so it can be said that this kind of protective film can not be resistant High temperature, and the release film in the PE protective film is generally used only by some special customers, such as die-cutting. Therefore, there is not much use of this kind of protective film.www.snpefilm.com