Whether the origin of the mucosal name and online shopping preparation are important

- Jul 01, 2019-

Self-adhesive film, which is also a specific type of film, can also be considered as a protective film, and will be used in some industries and fields, so it is necessary to familiarize and understand, in order to achieve reasonable use and make full use of the product. A purpose, in this way, can avoid problems such as product waste.


1. Is it important to prepare for the purchase from the mucosal network?

Buying from the mucosal network means that the product is purchased on the industry website. From a professional point of view, the preparation work is very important, because this work is related to whether the product can be purchased correctly, so it cannot be underestimated. And sloppy treats. In the specific work content, in addition to a clear understanding of the use of the needs, but also to understand some basic information about the product and the manufacturer, so that the product can be accurately judged and correctly selected when purchasing.


2. From the mucous membrane, how did the name come from?

The self-adhesive film can be considered as a specific kind of protective film. Compared with the ordinary protective film, it is not adhered to the surface of the protected object by glue, but is adhered to the surface of the protected object by electrostatic adsorption force. There is no problem that the glue remains when the protective film is peeled off. Moreover, it is a protective film that is completely free of glue. When adsorbed on the surface of the object, its adhesive force changes little and is easily peeled off.


3. Is there a difference between PVC self-adhesive and PE self-adhesive? Is it widely used?

The comparison between PVC self-adhesive and PE self-adhesive film can be concluded that this is a protective film of two different materials. The former is made of PVC and the latter is made of PE. Therefore, they have different properties and some have the difference. PVC self-adhesive, which is self-adhesive by electrostatic adsorption, can be used as a wrapping film to wrap wire and cable or some small objects, thus playing a good protection. Based on this, it can be said that this kind of self-mucosa is widely used.


4. Is there a difference between PE reticulated film, PE electrostatic film and PE self-adhesive film? How to choose?

PE textured film, PE electrostatic film and PE self-adhesive film, which are three specific types of PE film. Comparing these three films, it can be concluded that this is a different kind of protective film made of the same material. Therefore, it is different in product performance and specific use, and there is a big difference. How to choose is determined by the use environment and usage requirements.www.snpefilm.com