Whether the PE protective film online can be customized and its main ingredients

- Jun 19, 2019-

A protective film made of PE is called a PE protective film, and it is in the category of protective film. Therefore, in order to have a correct understanding of this protective film, the following will be studied. Work is the explanation and elaboration of relevant knowledge in order to achieve the above objectives as soon as possible.


1. PE protective film online purchase, can its products be customized? Are there any precautions?

PE protective film online purchase, that is, to purchase the product on the relevant industry website, can be customized according to the different use requirements of the purchaser or some special use requirements to meet the different needs of different users. Moreover, it has some precautions. The important point is to recalculate and determine the price of the product, because this is a non-standard customized product, and its product price is different from the standard product.


2. Can the manufacturer of PE protective film be customized and designed and produced?

PE protective film manufacturers, from the current technology, can be customized and designed and produced, and it is not difficult and complicated to carry out these tasks, it is easy to operate and carry out. Therefore, for the purchaser, it will also bring some benefits, you can get the PE protective film you need and can be used normally, in order to achieve the purpose of use.


3. Does the different classification standards of PE protective film correspond to different types? How to choose the right type?

PE protective film, which can be divided into different types under different classification standards, if it can be classified by color, it can also be classified according to the viscosity of protective film, which is classified into micro-viscous, low-viscosity, medium-viscosity, sub-high viscosity, and high viscosity. And six kinds of super high viscosity. In addition, it can also be divided into plastic PE protective film, steel PE protective film and aluminum PE protective film. The choice of the appropriate type is based on the specific use of the product and the requirements of use and its use environment to select and determine.


4. PE protective film, what is its main component? Which PE is it, what kind of material is it?

PE protective film, which is a specific type of protective film, the main components of which are polyethylene film and acrylic glue. The PE in the PE protective film, the full name of which is Polyethylene, is polyethylene, is a high molecular organic compound, so it is a polymer material, and has different densities, generally divided into low density, medium Three densities of density and high density.www.snpefilm.com