Whether the protective film for decorative laminates can be customized and the product selection instructions

- Jun 02, 2019-

The protective film for decorative laminates, although its name is somewhat long, it is also known that this is one of the protective films, it is also protective, and it is used on the laminate and can play a certain role. The decorative effect, therefore, will have the specific name of the protective film used to decorate the laminate, and the following is to familiarize and understand this kind of protective film, so as to achieve reasonable use of the product.


1. Protective film for decorative laminates. Do you have any instructions on product selection?

The protective film for decorative laminates has some requirements for product selection. The specifics are: attitudes should be taken with caution and taken seriously, and should not be underestimated and sloppy. In consideration, all relevant factors should be considered comprehensively so that accurate judgments and correct choices can be made. In addition, we must also know what are the important considerations and what are the necessary considerations, and we must not have a misconception.


2. Protective film for decorative laminates, can the product be customized?

Protective film for decorative laminates, the products can be customized and customized according to different user needs. Moreover, this can satisfy the different purchase requirements of the purchaser and obtain the decorative effect of the laminate desired. However, it is important to know that the price of the product needs to be recalculated and determined so that the exact price can be obtained.


3. Is the stainless steel laminated laminate related to the protective film used to decorate the laminate?

Stainless steel laminated laminates, from a professional point of view, are coated with a film on the basis of a stainless steel laminate to protect the two parts, which are stainless steel laminate and film. The protective film used for decorative laminates is a film that has both protective and decorative effects. Therefore, the two have different concepts and are two different things, and there is no relationship between them.


4. Can the PE protective film be used as a protective film for decorative laminates?

The PE protective film, which is a film-like material having a protective function, is widely used and can be used on a plastic laminate to protect the surface of the laminate, so that it can be used as a laminate protective film. However, it cannot be used as a protective film for decorative laminates, because without the function of decoration, the effect of decoration cannot be achieved.www.snpefilm.com