Whether the purchase of PE protective film should be cautious and the precautions for die cutting

- May 23, 2019-

PE protective film, which is a specific type of protective film, and is also a common and commonly used type in protective film. Therefore, it is necessary to have a comprehensive understanding and in-depth understanding of it to know how to use it properly and achieve its purpose. , can make full use of this product.


1. Should the purchase of PE protective film be cautious? What are the considerations for the purchase considerations?

The purchase of PE protective film products is an important task, and it needs to be treated with caution and seriousness, rather than being scornful and sloppy, because it is prone to wrong choices and adverse effects, such as product waste and selection. The purchaser brings certain economic losses, so based on this point, the above conclusions and specific requirements will be available. The specific considerations of the purchase considerations are: to know what are the important considerations and what are the necessary considerations, but also to comprehensively and comprehensively consider all relevant factors, so that they can have accurate judgments and Choose the right one.


2. Which industries and fields are widely used in PE protective films?

PE protective film, a kind of protective film, which is widely used in industries and fields. From the current point of view, it is mainly the wire and cable, electronics and mobile phone digital industries. It protects wires and cables and can prevent oxidation and dirt. Role. In the electronics industry, it is possible to protect semi-finished and finished products. In the mobile phone digital industry, it is mainly to protect the screen.


3. Is there a difference between the PE protective film and the water gel and the oil gel? What are the precautions for this type of protective film die cutting?

PE protective film, which can use water glue or oil glue, and there is no essential difference in terms of use, and as long as the glue quality is good, there is no problem such as glue drop. However, from the aspect of water resistance, the water resistance of water gel is not as good as that of oil glue.


The precautions in the die-cutting process of PE protective film are as follows:

(1) For the die-cutting process of the protective film, a mirror knife should be used, and the tolerance of the protective film should be within a certain range.

(2) Die-cutting processing should be carried out in a standard 100-class clean room with a working environment temperature of 20 to 25 degrees and a working environment humidity of 80% to 85%.

(3) The pad sponge used in the die-cutting process has a high density and good resilience, and the thickness of the foam is 0.2 mm higher than the blade.

(4) A protective film can be added on one side of the PE protective film to protect and support the bottom.www.snpefilm.com