Whether the tempered glass protective film is fragile

- Aug 21, 2020-

1. Raw materials. The glass film is made of glass raw materials of different brands. The strength of different raw materials will vary. However, unless it is a defective glass raw material, the difference in strength of most glass manufacturers is not very big.

2. Processing technology. There are three main processes that determine the quality of the finished glass film: CNC cutting, arc edge polishing and tempering furnace tempering. CNC cutting is to cut the glass material into a shape suitable for the mobile phone model. The arc edge polishing is to polish the straight edge tempered film to a 2.5D arc edge. Tempering furnace tempering is to let the glass film semi-finished product react with potassium nitrate in the high temperature furnace to slightly increase the strength of the glass film, greatly increase the toughness, and ensure that the glass film is broken and will not cause harm to the human body.

Regardless of the bonding of the glass film adhesive, these three processes are the three processes that are more likely to produce defective glass film. Cutting and polishing may cause glass edges to burst. The tempering time of the tempering furnace is not enough, and the poor use of potassium nitrate will cause the strength and toughness to decrease. Most of the defective products produced are eliminated during the production process, and a small number of defective products are undetectable by the naked eye, leaving hidden trachoma, etc., which are treated as good products in the market, and will appear to be broken after a little use. So when you decide to buy tempered film, you must remember not to choose those low-priced goods in the market. Although the film industry is profitable, sometimes the principle of paying for a penny can still be applied.

In addition, the thickness and strength of the tempered glass film are also related to a certain degree. In terms of strength alone, the thicker glass film is slightly stronger, and the thinner glass film is weaker. However, the thinner glass film will definitely feel better. Everyone is choosing tempered glass. The film is also determined according to its own situation.