Why is the protective film on the window glass and the protective film of the optical glass

- Jun 10, 2019-

The glass protective film is a protective film used on glass, and like other protective films, its basic function is to protect this function. Therefore, in order to use this protective film correctly and rationally, the product will be carried out below. Familiarity and understanding, so I know how to use the product reasonably.


1. Glass protective film This kind of protective film, if you want to choose a good quality product, is it necessary to consider the product price or the manufacturer of the product?

Glass protective film, a kind of protective film. If you want to choose a good quality product, it is important to choose a professional manufacturer of glass protective film to ensure the quality of the product and the performance of the product. Good use effect. Based on this, it can be concluded that the answer to this question is for the manufacturer of the product, that is, to choose a good quality glass protective film, the manufacturer of the product must be considered.


2. What is the role of the protective film on the window glass?

Applying a protective film to the window glass means using a glass protective film on the window glass. In addition to the basic function of protection, it can also perform other functions such as dust prevention, scratch prevention and pollution prevention. In addition, the transparency of the glass can be reduced, thereby saving the use of curtains.


3. Can the tempered glass film in the glass protective film be considered as a hard plastic?

Glass protective film, from a professional point of view, there are many different types, and a glass tempered film is one of them, which can protect the glass very well. This kind of protective film is a layer of plastic on a thin glass, and is a glass with compressive stress on the surface, so it can also be called tempered glass. The advantage is that it has strong resistance and is not easy to be broken. However, Can't think of it as a hard plastic.


4. What protective films can be used on optical glass?

On the optical glass, a protective film can be used for protection, and a glass protective film should be used, so that the protective film can be used well and is targeted for use. In addition, it can be coated on the optical glass, and it can be divided into a dielectric film, a metal film, etc. from the material, and which one is selected depends on the actual situation and the use requirements.www.snpefilm.com