AR Anti-reflective Anti-electromagnetic Radiation Protection Film

- Jan 10, 2019-

AR anti-reflective anti-electromagnetic radiation protection film is basically made of pet material, three-layer anti-scratch anti-electromagnetic radiation structure. Protective film thickness: about 0.25mm. Anti-reflective, anti-electromagnetic radiation, effective UV filter. Electrostatic adsorption technology, without glue, can be pasted multiple times. High wear resistance, excellent scratch resistance and durability. The transmittance is 99%, and the picture is clear and vivid. This kind of popular in the market, the quality is uneven, more outstanding should be the GLAUKE brand.

It adopts three-layer structure and the surface layer is frosted layer, which can effectively resist fingerprint invasion, and the finger slips over without leaving marks; even if it leaves liquid residue such as sweat, it can be cleaned by hand wiping, which ensures the visual effect of the screen to the greatest extent. . The material is processed by a special process, which can effectively prevent reflection and reduce the problem of reflection in the sun or the screen.

Originally originated in Japan. When the main screen backlight is off, the protective film acts as a mirror. Text and images can be displayed normally through the film when the backlight is turned on. The film is divided into 5 to 6 layers, and one of the layers is subjected to aluminum evaporation treatment. Use this layer to reflect external light to achieve the mirror function.

Using ultra-fine louver optical technology, the screen data is designed for users to read from the front 60-degree angle of view. When the angle of view is greater than 60 degrees, the content on the screen cannot be seen. When the angle of view is 30 degrees, the content of the screen is presented. Fuzzy state. It is suitable for protecting trade secrets and personal privacy. The existing anti-slip film products are combined with the original anti-reflective film, anti-UV film, mirror film and anti-radiation film. of.