AR Material Protective Film

- Jan 25, 2019-

The protector is the best screen protector known on the market. AR is a synthetic material, generally divided into three layers, silica gel is the adsorption layer, PET is the intermediate layer, and the outer layer is a special treatment layer. The special treatment layer is generally divided into two types, AG treatment layer and HC treatment layer, AG is anti-glare Treatment, frosted protective film is the use of this treatment. HC is a hardness treatment, which is a treatment method for a high light transmission type protective film. This screen protection film is characterized in that the screen is not reflective, and the transmittance is high (more than 95%), and the display effect of the screen is not affected. The material surface has been treated with special technology, and its texture is soft. It has strong anti-friction and anti-scratch ability. It will not scratch when used for a long time. The chemical material is adhered to the screen of the mobile phone, so it will not be on the screen. It causes damage, does not leave a mark after tearing off, and can be reused after cleaning. The price is more expensive than PET.