China's Protective Film Technology Needs To Be Improved

- Aug 29, 2019-

Chinese enterprises are not accustomed to conducting objective market research and analysis through consulting institutions before conducting investment activities. Investment lacks a reliable and reliable basis, with more irrational elements. These production lines are mainly based on the production of high-barrier films, but in fact, the market for barrier films with more than 7 layers is limited, and the application market for 9-layer barrier films is narrow. Without market support, the production of 5-layer film with high-grade production lines will inevitably result in waste of equipment performance and investment losses, which should be highly valued by investment companies.

While a large number of foreign equipments have been introduced, many small and medium-sized enterprises have introduced domestic film production lines. However, from the situation reflected by the delegates, domestic equipment can not satisfy the users in many aspects, and there is still considerable room for improvement in design. The main reason for the blind introduction of production lines by protective film manufacturers in China is that the information is inaccurate and not smooth. Chinese enterprises are not accustomed to making announcements on investment actions. When determining investment intentions, they are not timely announced to the public through the media, and even the enterprises are kept secret. As a result, many enterprises are repeatedly introduced when they are put into production.