Development Of The Protective Film Industry In China

- Aug 28, 2019-

Protective film is a plastic film for laymen. It is mainly applied to the surface of metal products, the surface of coated metal products, the surface of plastic products, such as surface protection of household appliances, washing machines, microwave ovens, range hoods, etc. Surface and screen protection, construction areas such as aluminum alloy, plastic steel doors and windows surface protection at the factory, to prevent surface scratches, etc., affecting the elegance and reduce product quality. This type of protective film is generally the terminal protection of the product, that is, the protection from the factory to the end user's customer.

Another type of temporary protection during the assembly and processing of product accessories is rarely noticed by ordinary consumers. For example, the light guide plate in the electronic industry display, the temporary protection of the diffusion sheet, the metal metal stamping, the brushed aluminum plate, Temporary protection of the metal or plastic surface of the substrate is required during processing such as sputter coating to ensure that the final quality and aesthetics of the product are not affected during processing.

The earliest rise of protective film was in Japan and Europe and the United States. After World War II, Japan and Europe and the United States vigorously developed the electronics industry. The development of industry brought about human progress, and it will certainly lead to an industry that is more suitable or meets human needs. From the original PP materials, PVC, BOPP, PET, PE to today's AR materials, the protective film is applied in all walks of life, and is distributed in various factories and enterprises.