Domestic BOPP Tape Mother Roll Industry Problem And Competition Pattern Analysis

- Jul 27, 2019-

The tape manufacturer industry has been in development for more than 30 years since it entered China in 1983. The relatively mature technology and low investment threshold attract people to participate actively. The industry has gradually faced some corresponding problems, such as overcapacity, imbalance between supply and demand, and so on. Then we will lead everyone to summarize the current status of the domestic tape industry, and briefly analyze its competitive landscape to explore its development prospects.

Industry problem one: overcapacity

According to statistics from Zhuochuang, in 2013, the domestic tape mother roll market capacity was 1.5 million tons, and the output was 1 million tons. The industry operating rate was 66.67% during the year. According to international experience, the industry operating rate is less than 75%, which means that the industry is in a period of severe overcapacity. It is concluded that the domestic tape mother roll market is currently in a period of oversupply.

Industry question two: the company's profit is meager

Another industry problem associated with overcapacity is that corporate operations are languishing and earnings are slightly thin. This conclusion can also be intuitively obtained in the profit map of the tape parent company tracked by Zhuo Chuang.

The main purpose of the BOPP tape master roll is to seal the box. The substrate film BOPP is widely favored by the tape market because of its convenient coating and light weight, which is unachievable by other films. And the tape products are thrown out, and other bags and boxes used for sealing are difficult to achieve the safety and hygiene of the tape sealing. Therefore, there is no substitute threat in the tape market, and the competitive advantage is relatively objective.

Sneak entrant threat: ☆ ☆

As mentioned in the threat of alternatives, the film advantage of BOPP tape mother rolls is that other films (eg BOPET, CPP, BOPA and other plastic film products) cannot compete. The short-term plastics market still lacks the possibility of developing new types of films, so the sneak entrants have less threat to the tape mother roll market and the competitive advantage is