Effect Of Stainless Steel Protective Film On Laser Cutting Efficiency

- May 18, 2019-

Laser cutting as a typical application of laser in industrial production, especially for the manufacturing industry using stainless steel sheet as the main component, is an effective means to improve the production capacity of traditional processing industries. The laser-cut stainless steel plate accounts for 30% of the processing of the sheet metal of the Guangri elevator. Considering the quality problems of the stainless steel protective film and the one-time cutting of the plate, the current stainless steel plate of Guangri elevator adopts the cutting mode of two cutting: laser film→excitation plate. Although this model solves the quality problem, it takes a long time and is inefficient. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to optimize the laser processing mode of stainless steel sheet to one-time cutting of protective film and sheet without affecting the quality of production, improve production efficiency and reduce production cost.www.snpefilm.com